For us, being kaupapa Maori means living through tikanga – emphasising Maori culture and values, while being inclusive of people from all ethnicities and backgrounds.

CheerleadersBeing kaupapa Maori means making a difference in the lives of tangata – surrounding them with a caring environment based on Maori values of respect and whanau. As a kaupapa Maori service, we have practices that encourage wellbeing – although we are based on Maori culture and values, we accept and value all cultural practices, inviting tangata to maintain their own cultural traditions and values alongside tikanga.

Cultural support for Maori tangata is provided through our kaumatua, whaea (elders within the organisation) and kaimahi (staff) and through the local kaumatua and kuia (elders). An ordained priest and kaimahi that are fluent in te reo Maori, karanga (the welcome call part of a powhiri) and whaikorero (speeches) are available within the roopu.

Maori people receiving support are provided with an environment that develops their rangatiratanga (leadership/sovereignty), acknowledges their whakapapa (geneology), respects their tribal kawa (marae protocol), and supports the use of te reo. Tangata and kaimahi powhiri into the roopu, also karakia (prayers) and waiata/himene (hymns) are encouraged.

Being kaupapa Maori allows us to live by and run our organisation by these customs and values, while also accepting people of other ethnicities and their practices.