RIDSAS is a highly specialised service, delivered by a pool of highly skilled employees, which provides support for intellectually disabled people who have high and complex needs, some of whom are referred under the Intellectual Disability Compulsory Care & Rehabilitation Act (IDCC&R) Act 2003.

Services are responsive to individual needs and are rehabilitative in nature. Support provided includes:

  • Kaumatua and whaea (elders) to work with mokopuna (clients)
  • Day programmes that provide cultural and vocational activities designed to expand life experiences
  • Assistance with obtaining employment
  • Residential support for people unable to be supported in their own homes
  • Awhi Whanau service for whanau who need assistance to support an intellectually disabled person in their own home
  • Business services to provide quality financial and administration support.

RIDSAS supports the mission of Te Roopu Taurima by providing both residential and vocational support with a priority focus on lifestyle and rehabilitation programmes.

Individual transition plans are developed to assist mokopuna entering RIDSAS. Care Managers develop an understanding of mokopuna needs by developing a regularly reviewed individual care and rehabilitation plan. They are also responsible for ensuring that mokopuna comply with any legal orders including medical care, court appearances, and attendance at meetings.

RIDSAS Vocational is a life skills programme that provides mokopuna with skills to help them participate in the community. Mokopuna develop a lifestyle plan based on their goals and aspirations.

Referral Process

Mokopuna are referred to Te Roopu Taurima O Manukau Trust by Access Ability in Auckland & Northland, Disability Support Link in Hamilton, or Life Links in the South Island.

In order to be referred, mokopuna must meet the following criteria:

  • Primary disability is intellectual
  • Presents with significant risk to self or others
  • Has committed an offence
  • Is involved with the justice system
  • In need of support services for people with high and complex needs.

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If you have any queries please contact:
Northland: 09 405 2654
Auckland: 09 276 6282
Midlands: 07 846 9260
South Island: 03 313 2479

PO Box 22-346, Otahuhu
Telephone 09 276 6282
Facsimile 09 267 6522
Email info@terooputaurima.org.nz